Favorite Series ... [July 9, 2013]

Some of the books I've read are series. There's a time when I really enjoy the series and sometimes I have to  bear reading a not-good book just so I could finish the series. I have the habit to finish the series even though one of the book or even the entire series suck. So, I want to share the series that I enjoy (so far).

4 Seasons (?) by Ilana Tan
I'm not sure about how to call this series. Consists of Spring in London, Summer in Seoul, Autumn in Paris, and Winter in Tokyo. Each books has their own main character and they are connected indirectly to the characters from the other book. Ilana Tan is an Indonesian author. I read them when I was in high school. I think this is a good teen series written by an Indonesian author.

Hannibal Lecter Series by Thomas Harris
I love Hannibal Lecter (is it weird that I fancy him?). He's a legendary serial killer. My favorite book from the series is The Silence of The Lambs. Even though Hannibal Rising disappoints me, I can stand reading it because I want to know the horrible dark past of Hannibal and (of course) I love Hannibal Lecter.

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
I guess I don't have to tell you why. I mean, come on, almost everyone loves this series. My favorite book of the series is The Deathly Hallows. It's an epic ending.

Millenium by Stieg Larsson
Lisbeth Salander is tough. I like her because of that. I love the mystery, the tension, the conspiracy, and the courtroom scenes (Haven't I told you that I love courtroom scenes?). This series is great.

Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan
Sometimes I do read children books. This series, is entertaining. It's fun and I love Percy. I even name my e-reader after him.

Ring by Koji Suzuki
I first know about the series from the movie. The movie is freakingly creepy. With a long haired girl crawling from a well. I remember I couldn't sleep for a few days after watching the movie. I browsed the internet and found that The Ring movie is based on books! I was curious because, you know, sometimes the book and its movie adaptation have different story. The books are more science fiction  I think. They do have this creepy dark atmosphere and have such a surprising twist. Don't worry, there's no long haired girl crawls in the book but they still capable of making me scared.

Robert Langdon by Dan Brown
I like mystery books that sometimes force us to think a bit to enjoy the story. I love the mystery, the codes, the puzzles, the tension of this series. They do have the same pattern though. But I don't care (how about that ? ha). The latest of the series, Inferno, is already released. I just can't wait to read it. 

Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Let's face it. Sherlock Holmes is the greatest fiction detective and I agree with that. My favorite book from the series is The Sign of Four. It's where Dr. Watson met his wife.

Supernova by Dee
A great series from my most favorite Indonesian author. Supernova is just ... amazing. I read those books in one sitting. one. sitting. Except the latest, Partikel, because the book is quite thick. Anyway, the first three books were released under different cover. They have the same theme after the fourth book's released. My first three books have different cover theme because I bought them long before the fourth book's released. Dang! But I could tolerate that because those three books are the signed copies (yay!).
Different cover theme, not good :(
I know there are still a lot of good series out there. Like The Hunger Games, I owned the series but haven't read it. Or another series which maybe good but I haven't found out about it yet. Do you have your own favorite series ?

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