Rating System

I have my own rating system since the reviews will be based on my opinion. I'll try my best to be fair with my judgement.

1 Cat :
  • The book is boring it was hard for me to finish it
  • The book makes me feel uncomfortable, maybe the theme, or the characters.
  • I don't like the writing style

2 Cats : 
  • The book is ok, but not for me
  • There's nothing special with the plot or the theme and the characters don't leave impressions on me

3 Cats:
  • The book is entertaining but doesn't match my expectation
  • It serves its purpose though, whatever it is
  • I like some of the characters

4 Cats:
  • I like this book, it matches my expectation.
  • I'm drawn to the story/ the characters
  • I like the writing style, intrigued to find out more about the author

5 Cats:
  • I love this book! highly recommended
  • I'm drawn to the story and the characters
  • It exceeds my expectation
  • I want to read another book from this same author
  • I don't mind rereading the book

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