[Review] George - Alex Gino

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Title of Book: George
Author: Alex Gino
Publisher: Scholastic
Publication Year: 2015
Language: English
Format: Hardback
Pages: 215

When people look at George, they think they see a boy. But she knows she's not a boy. She knows she's a girl.
George thinks she'll have to keep this a secret for ever. Then her teacher announces that their class play is going to be Charlotte's Web. George really, really, REALLY wants to play Charlotte. But the teacher says she can't even try out for the part... because she's a boy.
With the help of her best friend, Kelly, George comes up with a plan. Not just so she can be Charlotte - but so everyone can see who she truly is.

Top 5 Favorite Non-Written Novels

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Hi! Hello! Finally, I'm back with bookish list! It's been quite a while since I write this kind of post, hasn't it. As usual, this post is a part of Top Five Wednesday, which is a weekly feature created by Lainey from Gingerreadslainey but now is hosted by Sam from ThoughtsOnTomes. More information about T5W is provided at its Goodreads group page. This week's topic is favorite non-written novels, which means what books that are not in the usual written word format that are your favorite. This could include mangas, graphic novels, audiobooks, and so on. Does my explanation make sense? I hope it does. If you've been following this blog for a while, you'll notice that I love reading mangas and lately I've been into graphic novels and superhero comics too. You'll see that this list reflects that.

[Review] Mata Hari - Paulo Coelho

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Title of Book: Mata Hari
Author: Paulo Coelho
Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Publication Year: 2016
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Format: paperback
Pages: 192

Dalam novel terbarunya ini, Paulo Coelho, penulis buku terlaris Sang Alkemis, menghidupkan kembali cerita tentang salah satu wanita paling misterius dalam sejarah: Mata Hari.
Ketika tiba di Paris, Mata Hari tidak memiliki uang sepeser pun, tetapi dalam beberapa bulan saja dia telah menjadi wanita paling terkenal di kota itu. Sebagai penari, dia membuat para penontonnya syok dan berdebar-debar; sebagai wanita penghibur, daya tariknya membius pria-pria paling kaya dan berkuasa pada zaman itu.
Tetapi ketika perang melanda, paranoia menyelimuti seantero negeri. Gaya hidup Mata Hari membuat dia dicurigai. Pada tahun 1917, dia ditangkap di kamar hotelnya di Champs Elysees dan dituduh melakukan kegiatan mata-mata.
Disampaikan dalam suara Mata Hari melalui surat terakhirnya, novel Mata Hari merupakan kisah tak terlupakan tentang wanita yang berani melawan arus pada zamannya dan mesti membayar mahal untuk semua itu.

January 2017 Wrap-Up & Favorites

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It’s the first month of a new year, which is exciting. Usually, I read a lot this time of year. But I just got a job, a full-time job. I’ve been trying to adapt and adjust my habit and my schedule. This also means I don’t have a lot of time to read now, at least not as much as last year. So I end up reading only two books in January. One of them I actually started in December 2016. Basically, I only read one book in January. There’s that. Anyway, here are the books I read in January.