January 2017 Wrap-Up & Favorites


It’s the first month of a new year, which is exciting. Usually, I read a lot this time of year. But I just got a job, a full-time job. I’ve been trying to adapt and adjust my habit and my schedule. This also means I don’t have a lot of time to read now, at least not as much as last year. So I end up reading only two books in January. One of them I actually started in December 2016. Basically, I only read one book in January. There’s that. Anyway, here are the books I read in January.

Books read in January

some_text Different Women – Roxane Gay (★★★★★)
Difficult Women is 2017 new release. I was lucky to get an early copy of this book through Netgalley. But sadly, I didn’t have a chance to finish it last year. Difficult Women is a short story collection, maybe that’s why it took me longer than usual to finish it. Because after reading one short story, I put it down and tend to forget that I was reading the book. Then I will start reading it again a few days later. So it’s not because this short story collection is bad. In fact, it’s a good collection. I like all the short stories in this collection. If you want to know my thoughts on this book, I’ve already posted a full review.
some_text Mata Hari (The Spy) – Paulo Coelho (★★★)
Mata Hari (The Spy) is a historical fiction-ish about an exotic dancer/ courtesan called Mata Hari, who’s convicted as a German spy in World War I. It’s based on true events, but most of the dialogues are Coelho’s own interpretation, which is why I called it a historical fiction with an –ish. I haven't had the time to post the review, but don't worry I think I'll post it on February 10th.

January Favorites


Difficult Woment

TV shows


I believe Community is an underrated sitcom. It’s not as popular as (let’s say) How I Met Your Mother or Big Bang Theory, and I personally think it deserves the popularity. It revolves around several community college student misfits who bonded as a study group. What I love about this show is its meta-comedy and their pop culture references. They often parodied specific tropes in films and TV shows. For example, there’s an episode (Basic Lupine Urology) that’s set and shot in the style of American cop drama shows and it works. It’s so funny. Especially because I used to watch Law & Order: SVU a lot. So I kind of get the joke. Community is an underrated show because it’s ambitious and it’s not TV friendly. This show almost got cancelled several times until finally end its run on season 6. But seriously though, I highly recommend this show. Please try watching it. It’s that funny.


One duo that I’ve been listening to a lot since January is THE CHAINSMOKERS. Their songs are so dang catchy, especially their latest singles All We Know and Paris. I know Closer is a bit overrated because I feel like it’s been played everywhere. Still, All We Know and Paris. I’m excited to listen to their future songs.

January wrap up doesn’t include a lot of books and nothing exciting besides Community on my favorites. I know it sounds boring. But trust me, a lot went on to me last month and I didn’t have much time to read or watch anything. I hope February will be better, though. I also hope y’all have a good month ahead!

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