[Manga Review] World of Dreams - Kozue Amano

Title: World of Dreams
Mangaka: Kozue Amano
Publisher: m&c!
Publication year: 2011
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Translator: Lidwina Leung

World of Dreams is a short stories collection by Kozue Amano. She’s known for her other work, Aria. This collection consists of her works from way before Aria though. It’s noticeable that the artwork or the drawing style in this manga is different from the drawing style in Aria. I think the artwork in Aria is stunning, especially the landscape. But I didn’t see much of it in this collection.
World of Dreams has five short stories. Three of them, which are Night Before Festival, Moment of Summer, and World of Dreams, set in a school with the same characters, but I don’t think that the stories are connected. Most of the stories are sad and have supernatural element in it. Mostly they’re dealing with ghost and its unfinished business. One of the stories, Ichigo Panic, is just plain weird. It’s about a little girl who has a magic gum and always causing trouble in school. It doesn’t feel like Kozue Amano at all. Ichigo Panic is my least favorite of the five. While Petit Noel is a story about a lost cat who lost his owner and meet another cat that doesn’t believe in human anymore. Petit Noel reminds me of Aria a lot. It’s a story about miracle and hope which resemble the spirit of Aria. Even the main character’s name is Aria. Petit Noel is my most favorite story in this collection.
Overall, I think this manga is not the best work of Kozue Amano. The stories don’t really stand out to me. The artwork doesn’t exceed my expectation. I’ve read Aria and I love it. So I expect to see the beautiful artwork that I’ve seen in Aria. But I didn’t get it so I give this manga three out of five.


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