2015 Reading Challenges Sign Up Post

Reading challenges! yes, I love me some reading challenges! I'm aware that I failed last year's reading challenge. But I'm gonna do it this year anyway. Because participating in a reading challenge is one of the ways to push myself to read more.
 I've chosen several reading challenges that interest me and coherent with my reading resolutions. So here they are:

Nonfiction Reading Challenge hosted at The Introverted Reader
Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography
at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
2015 Nonfiction Reading Challenge
Host: The Introverted Reader
Challenge: read any nonfiction books
Level I choose: Dilettante (1-5 nonfiction books)

2015 Ebook Reading Challenge
Challenge: read books in ebook format
Level I choose: Bytes (10 ebooks)

2015 8th Annual Graphic Novel/ Manga Challenge
Host: Nicola
Challenge: read graphic novels/manga/comic strip/comic books
Level I choose: Modern age (read & review 12 books) *updated*
I completed Modern Age. Now I'm up for Bronze Age (read & review 24 books)

I'm excited for these reading challenges. My 2015 reading resolution is to read more nonfiction books and graphic novel/manga. That's why I pick the nonfiction and graphic novel challenges. As for the ebook, I have to many ebooks on my digital TBR pile. I've been doing good at my monthly ebook-TBR jar reading. I might as well join a reading challenge for it. So that's me. Are you participating in any reading challenge(s) this year?