[Manga Review] Song of the Sky - Kozue Amano

Title: Song of the Sky
Mangaka: Kozue Amano
Publisher: m&c!
Publication year: 2011
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Translator: Dian Indrinuswati

Song of the Sky is the second short stories collection by Kozue Amano. In this manga, her artwork has improved a lot since World of Dreams. Her drawing style in this manga resembles her drawing style in Aria. She also brings out some stunning landscape artworks. Compared to World of Dreams, I like this collection a lot more.
Song of the Sky consists of four short stories. Some of them are science fiction, like Song of the Sky and Earth. Both have the same atmosphere as Aria and set in the time where people can travel outer space easily. While Angel Voice and Magical Letter Drop are contemporary drama stories set in school.  Magical Letter Drop has a bit of magical element in it, though. Of all four, my most favorite story is Earth. In this story, Amano really shows her ability to draw beautiful artworks. The story itself takes on important issue which is environment; and it has a sad twist that makes me care about the character more.
Overall, I give it four out of five. I think this short stories collection is a good starter to read Kozue Amano’s works.

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