[Review] Up Over Down Under - Micol Ostow & Noah Harlan

Title of Book: Up Over Down Under
Author : Micol Ostow & Noah Harlan
Publisher : Speak

A super-special S.A.S.S. exchange novel offers romance in the land down under?and right here in the U.S.?when two exchange students swap places! Eliza Ritter has high expectations for her semester in Melbourne, Australia. Sure, she?s participating in an environmental program, but really she hopes to spend her time meeting cute boys. So when she meets a hot surfer, she is thrilled! Aussie Billie Echols, on the other hand, actually does have an interest in the environmental program she?s signed up for in Washington, D.C. But the States are nothing like she expected, and soon Billie is caught in the middle of an unexpected controversy. Being an exchange student gets a whole new meaning in this first-ever SASS book of its kind.
I got book hangover from Something Borrowed and I thought that I have to move on by reading another book immediately. Up Over Down Under wasn't enough to get me moving on from Something Borrowed. Poor book, I was still thinking about Something Borrowed when I read this book.
Up Over Down Under is pretty much the same as another S.A.S.S. (Student Across the Seven Seas) book. It's about students trying to learn something new by travelling to another country. In this book, there are two students doing exchange and they swap places. Billie, an easy going girl from Australia, wanted to get real experience in an environmental program in Washington D.C. While Eliza, a perfect daughter trying to break free, thinks that she'll get her first real adventure in Aussie. I like Billie more than Eliza. Maybe because I've had enough of Eliza's type of character. 
Up Over Down Under is a fun book to read (actually). I used to feel envious whenever I read S.A.S.S. book. I mean, I want to get new experiences by travelling to another country too, doing exchange. But I didn't feel that when I read Up Over Down Under. Too bad that I still lived in Rachel's world from Something Borrowed when I was reading this book. So I just wanted to finish this book as soon as possible and get to Something Blue. It's a very light reading. I could finish it in just a few days. The story is mainly about teenagers' summer holiday. I don't know much about Australian's culture and American's culture, so I don't have anything to say about the stereotypes that the writers give in the book. Overall, I give this book three kitties.


  1. I've read a couple of S.A.S.S too :) Nice blog. New follower.