[Review] Never Can Say Goodbye - Christina Jones

Title of Book : Never Can Say Goodbye
Author : Christina Jones
Publisher : Hachette Digital

It looks, Frankie thought happily to herself, like a proper fabulous frock shop! Francesca Meredith has always had a penchant for vintage dresses. So when she inherits a retro dress shop in the quaint Berkshire village of Kingston Dapple, it's better than winning the lottery. Life is just perfect for Frankie, but it's about to get complicated when she sees a masculine vision setting up shop outside her door - heart-throb florist Dexter Valentine. As Frankie tries her best to make 'Francesca's Fabulous Frocks' into a success, Dexter's philandering proves the ultimate distraction. That is, until the village medium insists that Frankie's shop is haunted and Frankie starts witnessing some very strange shenanigans. Will Dexter think she's crazy? Will Frankie's terribly ordinary life return to normal ever again? Does she even want it to...?

I randomly select Never Can Say Goodbye for my June selection. I chose this because it has the word 'never' on its title and that's one of June's keyword. I had no idea what this book is about and since there are cute dresses on the cover so I guessed this book is about fashion. Turns out Never Can Say Goodbye is about an almost thirty year old woman named Francesca Meredith (or Frankie) who inherited a retro dress shop. Then the shop was modified into a new shop called 'Francesca's Fabulous Frocks'. Meanwhile an awesomely good looking man trying to reopen a flower shop across the street. Still having scar from her previous relationship, she tried so hard not to fall in love with the florist. But the only problem that she had wasn't only that, she found out that the vintage dresses in her shop came with the spirit that relate to those fancy dresses.
First thing that I notice from Never Can Say Goodbye is the male lead character's name (the florist), Dexter Valentine. I mean, hello? I've been hearing a lot of Dexter lately and I love the last Dexter that I read. So, I set a high bar for this book's Dexter. Then there's the word frock. I know that English is not my first language and maybe that's why I've never heard this word before, but frock sounds weird to me. This book uses frock a lot. Why don't they just call it dress ? Would anybody tell me the difference?
Anyway, I like this book because it has a lot of fancy vintage dresses in it. I love the description of Francesca's Fabulous Frocks (except the ghost part of course). Dexter Valentine, in my opinion he's not as perfect as the last Dexter but still acceptable. The story is chick-lit typical and the part that I don't like from the book is Dexter's past. He's so mysterious about his past and it makes me keep wondering about it as I read the book and he unveils it in the very end in the book. His past is quite complicated so I felt a bit loaded with this new information and suddenly the book end. I recommend Never Can Say Goodbye for chick-lit lovers out there or contemporary romance reader. 

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