2013 Reading Challenge Wrap-up Post

Finally, 2013 is coming to an end and I've been having so much fun this year. I started blogging actively and participating in several reading challenges for the first time. So here's the wrap up of reading challenges I joined in the year of 2013.

I finished this challenge! This Reading Challenge is hosted by Bookmark2Blog

1. January : white -> The White Tiger - Aravind Adiga
9. September : club -> The Shoestring Club - Sarah Webb
10. October : ghost -> The Ghost - Arnold Bennett
12. December : princess -> A Little Princess - Frances Burnett

I completed this challenge too. I choose Series Novice level which means I have to read 5 books. This challenge is hosted by Darlene's Book Nook.

1. Interview with the Vampire - Anne Rice
2. Something Borrowed (Darcy & Rachel #1) - Emily Giffin

I thought I wouldn't complete this challenge because the level I choose, First Date requires 5 books. Turns out I just need to read 4 books to complete it. This challenge is hosted by The Book Vixen.

4. The Best of Me

I choose  Louise de Pointe du Lac level which requires 1 to 5 books to read. I only got to read 2 books and I do want to finish Vampire Chronicles series. I think if there's an Anne Rice reading challenge again I'll participate. This challenge is hosted by The Towering Pile

1. Interview with the Vampire
2. The Vampire Lestat

I'm not sure if I completed this challenge I didn't set a clear goal in the beginning so .. umm. Anyway this challenge is hosted by novelheartbeat.

1. Starstruck (The Fame Game #2) - Lauren Conrad
2. Partikel (Supernova #4) - Dee
3. Something Blue (Darcy & Rachel #2) - Emily Giffin
4. The Vampire Lestat (Vampire Chronicles #2) - Anne Rice
5.The Vincent Brothers (Vincent Boys #2) - Abbi Glines

So there, goodbye 2013! How about your reading challenge? Did you have fun? Have you completed them all? Feel free to share in the comment.