[Review] Gucci Girls - Jasmine Oliver

Title of Book : Gucci Girls (Project Fashion #1)
Author : Jasmine Oliver
Publisher : Simon Pulse

"Meet this season's hottest fashion First Years: "Marina idolizes Marilyn Monroe. A blonde bombshell herself, the guys all want Marina. But she wants the one she can't have. When not writing on her fashion blog, she's designing vintage-inspired pieces.
Frankie's dark hair and long legs make her look like she just stepped off a runway. Oblivious to her looks, her true passion is designing funky jewelry.
Sinead's edgy style incorporates looks from every designer, thanks to her mom's connections. Of course, that comes with a price: Sinead's mother owns the flat the girls live in. And now, she wants to sell it....
Fashion school brought them together.
All the drama has made them inseparable.

I’ve never heard of this book or this series before. One of my fellow book bloggers had the series on sale and I bought them. The reason why I bought the series is because I love fashion and I love to read about it; and because I need a quick read to complete my reading challenge in such a short time!
So the three main characters are first year fashion students. Each has her own style. Between the three of them, I like Frankie most. She’s the plain and modest girl in the gang. Beside the girls, there are also two boys who live across the street from the girls, Travis and Rob. As we could predict from this situation, there will be a lot of love drama revolves around them.
Even though this book is a fashion theme book which I’m supposed to like, in the end I’m not sure if I like this book. Gucci Girls is a fun book, there are a lot of fashion stuffs mentioned in this book, and it’s a very light read. But first of all, the title, Gucci Girls is a nickname for the girls but there’s no clear explanation why they are being called that way. So they are fashionable but why Gucci? Why? And the gang, there’s no background story of how the girls met, or how they become BFFs (if that’s what they are). I think that it’s a bit difficult for girls to bond like they do in such a short time. They are suddenly a housemate from the beginning of the book. Oh, and Marina? It’s described in the book that she has a fashion blog but from what I read, it’s just a personal blog talking about friends and the latest gossip around her.
Maybe because I expect that there will be a lot of real fashion school thingy in the book and less love drama. I was hoping that the story would be believable but Gucci Girls still a fun book; and short too. 

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