[Review] Never Too Late (Flirt #2) - A. Destiny & Rhonda Helms

Title of Book : Never Too Late (Flirt #2)
Author : A. Destiny & Rhonda Helms
Publisher : Simon Pulse

Can acting in love lead to the real thing? This standalone addition to the Flirt series is sweet, fresh, and clean.
Abbey couldn’t be more excited. The end of the school year is coming, as is the annual sophomore class renaissance faire…and the headlining theatrical performance, where Abbey will be starring as a lead. There’s only one problem: her costar, Jason Hardy.
Everyone else might think Jason is perfect, but Abbey knows the truth. She remembers what he did at the school dance, and she knows he’s a total jerk.
But during the daily rehearsals, Abbey starts to see a side to Jason she hadn’t noticed before...and he might not be as bad as she thought. Each day she’s falling for him just a little bit more, and she thinks maybe Jason feels the same.
Or maybe he’s a better actor than Abbey could have guessed.

Never Too Late is the second book in Flirt series. Even though it’s called a series, it has different story from the first one, and follows total different characters. This book still has the same theme as before though, which is young love.
Just like Lessons in Love, Never Too Late is fun and certainly intended for young readers. Abbey, the main character, is the female lead for a play in her school’s renaissance faire. She found out that her co-star is Jason Hardy, a popular guy in the school, whom she actually hates. Because of that, she has to constantly meet him for doing rehearsals. As the story goes, she finds another side of him that is not so bad at all. Basically, in this book, we’ll see how Abbey trying to figure out her feelings for Jason. She tries to figure out whether it’s real or just an act (because of the play) while dealing with her friend’s jealousy since it turns out that her friend does like Jason.
I love the idea of renaissance faire in this book. It sounds fun. Actually, the faire is part of the book that I like most. Then there’s Jason, I found Jason as a charming boy, even though he’s introduced as a jerk by Abbey. As for Olivia, who is Abbey’s friend that likes Jason, she annoys me sometimes. But like I said before, Never Too Late is intended for young readers. So I guess her immaturity and her actions would be more relatable for young readers? I don’t know. Anyway, it’s a quick read and if you like contemporary books, you might want to check this one out. 

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