[Review] Armani Angels (Project Fashion #2) - Jasmine Oliver

Title of Book : Armani Angels (Project Fashion #2)
Author : Jasmine Oliver
Publisher : Simon Pulse

Catch up with your favorite fashion First Years: It's the end of the semester at fashion college, and Frankie, Marina, and Sinead are crazy busy.
Marina's credit card bills have forced her to take a bartending job.
Frankie's also hurting for cash, but she's found a more glamorous route to a paycheck: modeling.
Sinead, meanwhile, is working on her final project -- a pirate-inspired collection, complete with billowy shirts and slouchy boots.
Between part-time jobs, fashion projects, and parties every night, the end of the semester is totally blowing out.

Armani Angels is the second book in the Project Fashion series by Jasmine Oliver. Following the live of three first year fashion students, just like the previous book, there’s still a lot of drama surrounding them.
I like Armani Angels more than Gucci Girls. Mainly because this book gives more focus on Frankie’s life. As you can read from my review on Gucci Girls, I adore Frankie most. In this book, she met a handsome and tall Dutch man who’s a juggler at a circus. This mysterious man would cause Frankie an emotional turmoil as her friends don’t trust him enough to be with Frankie. Maybe I like Frankie because she’s the most relatable girl of the three. She’s young, carefree, laid back, and not as high maintenance as Sinead or a bombshell like Marina.
This book still lacks of background story. Like with Marina, it’s said that she has to do bartending job but why exactly and how she ends up doing bartending job is not explained. How the girls met each other remains mystery. Since there’s no special story about it in the first book, I thought there will be a kind of flashback on how they met. But no, not even in this second book.
All in all Armani Angels is a fun quick read. It didn’t take me much time to finish this book. Oh and there’s more about the fashion school in this book. So there, more point to Armani Angels.


  1. wow...udah masuk buku 10 aja ya serial ini... total ada berapa buku ya? pingin ngikutin tapi kok kayanya agak susah ngumpulinnya, hihi...semoga terkabul ya...

  2. ada 11 buku + 1 companion mbak. Iya, sempet liat buku-buku seri ini didiskon di periplus tapi ndak ada yang buku 10. Amin, makasih ya mbak :)