[Review] Lessons in Love (Flirt #1) - A. Destiny & Catherine Hapka

Title of Book : Lessons in Love (Flirt #1)
Author : A. Destiny & Catherine Hapka
Publisher : Simon Pulse

There might not be an exact science to first kisses, but Bailey’s about to experiment! This standalone addition to the Flirt series is sweet, fresh, and clean.
For fifteen-year-old high school sophomore Bailey Myers, science comes easy. But her feelings about the new boy in town, super-hot Logan Morse, are a bit more complicated. For whatever reason, the newcomer’s smile makes butterflies flutter rapidly in Bailey’s stomach and causes her knees to go weak. There’s no scientific explanation for such a reaction, at least none that Bailey knows of, unless…
No, it can’t be. Bailey doesn’t get crushes. Sure, she thinks Logan’s good-looking in a jaw-dropping way, has eyes she could stare at forever, and speaks with a voice that sounds like cherubs blasting their cute little trumpets. But that’s a normal reaction, right?
And even if it wasn’t, it’s not like Bailey has a chance, not with all the other gorgeous, popular girls at their school who have Logan Morse on their radar.
But when Logan needs a science tutor and Bailey gets the job, their growing friendship begins to turn into something more, as Bailey learns that chemistry is a powerful force…

Bailey, the main character in this book, is a science geek. Her family owns a bakery & deli in the town. One day, she was just helping her BFF, Simone, studying for test in the deli when suddenly a cute boy whom they’ve never seen before, came in and order some sandwiches. Simone and Bailey then greeted him and it was the start of something that Bailey couldn’t explain.
Lessons in Love is fun and young. It reminds me of how silly and na├»ve I was when I was still in high school. I like the fact that Bailey is a science geek, because sometimes I’m tired of reading about those mean girls in high school. There are still mean girls in this book, who are actually part of Simone and Bailey’s circle. In fact, two girls from the circle are competing with each other to get Logan’s attention. So, while Bailey struggles with her feeling toward Logan, she has to watch her friends claw each other in order to be with Logan.
Bailey’s confusion over her feeling towards Logan and the way her friends compete against each other is funny and so immature *sigh*. Yep. That’s why I said that this book is young. Besides the immaturity, I like that Bailey’s family own a Deli! I love reading about food.
Lessons in a Love is a fun quick read that you can slip in between your busy schedule. It’s true. It didn’t take me a lot of time to finish this book. I recommend this book for young readers who love contemporary books.

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