March 2016 Wrap-Up and Favorites

Hi! I had planned to post this at the first day of April but life happened. Anyway, in a month I can read more than one books and I don’t write reviews for all of them. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say about them, just not enough to write a whole review post. That’s why I decided to start posting monthly wrap up, in which I will briefly write my thoughts about books I read in the month. I will also occasionally include my favorites of the month. It could be books, songs, TV shows, movies, or other random things. Without further ado, here’s my March wrap up and favorites.

Books read in March

If I Stay If I Stay – Gayle Forman ()
I honestly think that I was the only person that hasn’t read this book. I was intimidated by the buzz. I heard that If I Stay is the book which will touch your heart and make you cry. I was afraid I wouldn’t have that kind of reaction. It’s not that I don’t like those kinds of books because I do, a lot; which is why I would be so disappointed if it didn’t match my expectation, like The Fault in Our Stars. It doesn’t. I’ll explain it about it more in my review that I’ll post sometime in April. On a side note, after I finished the book I watched the movie and I like it better than the book. It surprised me. I wept when I was watching the movie. I guess there’s that.
Where She Went Where She Went – Gayle Forman ()
Where She Went is a sequel to If I Stay and is told from Adam’s perspective. It’s an okay read. It’s a nice companion to If I Stay. I’ll also post my full review of this book sometime in April.
The Luxe The Luxe – Ann Godbersen ()
It was such a fun read. Secrets, deceit, and scandal. I didn’t think that I’d enjoy it as much as I did. I expected it to be Gossip Girl set in 1899 and it is! When I read it, I immediately felt attached to Elizabeth, the main character. For a second I thought this book would not end according to what I wanted and I would have hated this book. But it wraps up nicely and I like it.
Rumors Rumors – Anna Godbersen ()
After I finished reading The Luxe, I immediately picked up Rumors. This one focuses more on Diana Holland (Elizabeth’s little sister) and her love affair. This book is as fun as The Luxe. My favorite character is still Elizabeth and boy I hate what happened to her. Though I enjoyed reading this book, I feel like the detailed description of the clothes worn by these heiresses can be too excessive sometimes. I understand that it’s necessary since the series focuses on New York’s socialites’ luxurious life, but I wish the author cut back a bit on the clothing details; Because I do like the characters and would like to read more about them than what they’re wearing.
Envy Envy – Anna Godbersen ()
Envy is the third book in the Luxe series. If in the previous book I was bothered by the detailed wardrobe description, in this book I didn’t care about it anymore. Because the plot is getting intricate and interesting and ugh I want to slap Penelope Hayes so bad. It’s getting better. This series is so addicting that I’m genuinely curious about how the series will be concluded.

Review Posts in March

Non-Review Posts in March

March Favorites 

The Intern
I don’t usually watch a lot of movies. I’m more of a series gal, but this month I managed to watch a few. My favorite of this month is The Intern. This movie is about a friendship between a young CEO of an online startup company and a senior man who decided to quit his retirement days to become an intern at the startup company. I love that the CEO of the startup is a mother and a wife. So this movie is kind of about her struggles balancing her personal life and professional life. Especially because managing a startup is not an easy task and so is being a mother and a wife. This movie is heartwarming, wonderful, and both Anne Hathaway and Robert DeNiro are awesome. It’s just so inspiring to me.

Youtube channel/ blogger
Yep. I’ve been binge-watching Alisha Marie’s vlogs. It’s such a guilty pleasure of mine. She has bubbly personality and she’s just fun to watch. 

Cake by the Ocean by DNCE
This month I’m obsessed with Cake by the Ocean by DNCE. This song is loud and fun! I can’t stop listening to it. It has some summer vibe (even though it’s not summer yet). The chorus has a sing-along quality too, especially the ay-ya-ya part. This song is just a bundle of joy. 

So there you have it! My March Wrap-up and favorites. I had fun writing this post. I think I might want to do it again next month. How’s March treating you? I hope you had a great reading month or just a great month in general.

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