Top Five Books I DNF

Top Five Wednesday is a weekly feature created by Lainey from Gingerreadslainey. Top Five Wednesday has a goodreads group that can be accessed here. Each week has different topic and this week topic is top five books that you do not finish or DNF. 

Three Wishes - Liane Moriarty
It's a book about thirty three year old triplets (ha! look at all the three). Each has their own problems. I think it's supposed to be a story where they support each other and how the sister love could overcome daily problem. But one of the triplets has marriage problem. His husband's infidelity is too much for me. It made me so angry that I decided to just stop reading this book.

Once More with Feeling - Megan Crane
This book also has infidelity in it. The main character's husband was caught cheating with her sister. Her sister is one of those evil women who get away with anything. She's mean and self-centered and the most frustrating thing is, their parents seem okay with her behavior. Even the main character is annoying. She couldn't stand up for herself. gah! I had to put it down.

Twisted Dark Volume 1 - Neil Gibson
Twisted Dark is a graphic novel that has several creepy and twisted stories in it. I didn't mean to DNF this graphic novel because It's not that this graphic novel isn't good. I received a copy of this graphic novel through Netgalley. Unfortunately, the copy that I received has bad quality. It was like a bad scanned copy of this graphic novel. I read until the middle of the third stories, then my eyes gave out. I just couldn't read it. The text is so small that I had to change devices to see which one suited me. Apparently none of my devices were able to provide better visualization of this graphic novel.

We Are Not Ourselves - Matthew Thomas
We Are Not Ourselves is a historical fiction book about Irish immigrant. This book has good ratings and Regan from PeruseProject just recently hauled this book (if I'm not mistaken). I remember I was bored when I was reading it. This book is huge. It has a lot of pages and I read it in eBook format so it seemed like this book never ends. After watching the video, I'm considering picking up this book again sometime in the future.

Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov
It's a classic. I read it when I was in high school. I thought this book is boring. As far as I was reading, nothing happened. But I definitely will give this book another chance. I feel like I wasn't in the right mind set when I read it back then. Hopefully, I'll like it when I read it again.

So those are the books that I DNF. Two out of five books deal with infidelity. I believe they could be good books if only the authors handled the subject better. Have you read one of these books and finished it? or maybe you didn't finish it too? What books that you DNF? feel free to share it in the comment section. Have a nice day :)

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