5 Series I Want to Start in 2016


It's 2016 already. I must say 2015 probably was not my best reading year. I did read some good books. Some of them are series. I enjoy reading series and I realized that I haven't read many of them. I know a lot of popular series that I'm willing to read for sure and I do want to read more series. Below are my list of series that I prioritize to read in 2016.

1. Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan
I own a complete set of this series. This year, I'm all about slaying my TBR pile. Though it seems like this series is not as popular as Riordan's other series, I'm confident that I'm gonna like it. I've read Percy Jackson series and love it. I like Riordan's writing which probably why I haven't picked this series yet. Because these three books are the only Riordan's books on my shelf that I haven't read yet. I think I'm kind of saving these books which now sounds silly I guess. Not to worry! I'll definitely start reading them this year.

2. Delirium Trilogy by Lauren Oliver
The reason why I want to start this series in 2016 is the same as Kane Chronicles. These books have been sitting on my shelf for too long. I need to read it. I've only read one book by Lauren Oliver, which is Before I Fall. I like it. Even though the pacing of Before I Fall is slow, it almost bored me and the book is quite depressing, it's necessary considering the theme brought in the book. I believe Delirium trilogy is different kind of books than Before I Fall, so I'm still excited to read this series.

3. Precious Stone Trilogy by Kerstin Gier
I'm not gonna lie that I wasn't attracted to this series because of the cover. Because I was, I am. It was a total cover buy. I mean, look at them. They're gorgeous and I have the second book on my shelf. That's the only copy that I could get my hands on at the time. I know it's weird to buy the second book first when you haven't even read the first book. This series also got mixed reviews which doesn't help and makes me even more hesitant to pick it up. But hey, it's all about slaying those TBR piles. You're probably going to say 'why don't you just unhaul the book? after all you only have the second book'. I'm still giving the series a chance. Besides, I haven't read that many time travel book. In fact, I don't think I've read any time travel book at all. This is gonna be exciting. I'll just make sure that I won't expect too much.

4. Luxe Series by Anna Godbersen
Again, this series has pretty covers and I own all four of them. Yes, slaying those TBR piles. See the pattern here? I think I was looking for something Gossip Girl-like and this series came as recommendation. They were cheap so I bought them. I heard that the series is set in 1890-ish. So it's a historical fiction version of Gossip Girl. That sounds fun. Hope I'll like it cause I love Gossip Girl. 

5. Inkworld Trilogy by Cornelia Funke
I own the first book of the series for the longest time. I've been putting off reading it because of the size. The copy that I have has about 500-ish pages. I do want to read the series cause I've been craving to read more fantasies. My sister is currently reading inkheart and enjoy it so far, which says something because she's not a big reader. So I'm gonna buckle up and read it.

That's all my series reading plan for 2016. I'm excited to read all of them. Have you read any of it? If you have, tell me what you think about it. Maybe, you're planning to read one of them this year and we can read it together. Nevertheless, feel free to leave your thoughts about these books in the comment section.

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