[Review] Tickled Pink - Christina Jones

Title of Book : Tickled Pink
Author : Christina Jones
Publisher : HarperCollins

A large village somewhere in Britain, with church, pub, shop, school and bus shelter for the young to hang about in, its people coming to terms with life and work in the new century, and three maverick characters give Christina Jones the opportunity to create a vivid, frequently hilarious, sometime poignant picture of unusual partnerships and changing small town life.
Posy Nightingale, Lola Wentworth and Flynn Malone are strangers to each other and all seem to be in losing situations, but their chance coming together in a struggling B&B gives each of them an unlikely opportunity Will they have the guts to take it?

Tickled Pink is basically about four different people with different problems who find themselves stuck in a village called Steeple Fritton. Posy was dumped by her fiancée and found out that he's having a baby with another woman. She tried to start a new life in another town. But when her motorcycle didn't work, she met a dog and its owner who advised her to be strong and face the problem by going back home. Problem is, her family's B&B is doomed and she has to do something to keep it running. While Lola was a mistress who had just realised that she's left with nothing when the man who she loves passed away. Trying to move on, she wandered around several towns and villages until she ends up in Steeple Fritton. Then we have two young man, Ellis and Flynn. Ellis moved into Steeple Fritton because his grandmother's trying to get him out of trouble. Flynn found out that his great aunt who lived in Britain left him an inheritance which can only be claimed if he goes to the village. Flynn decided to fly from America and visit the mysterious aunt's village, leaving his girlfriend behind.
Posy, Lola, Ellis, and Flynn are somehow become involved in a complex relationship. These two men and two women are attracted to each other. They are just not sure if the feelings are mutual, which generate a complicated misunderstanding between them. Although some of them do have differences, like it or not they have a mission to put Steeple Fritton in the map. So they have to work together. They even do anything to bring more visitors to the village. Including bringing in a karaoke machine and hosting a big carnival.
The main focus in this book is the friendship among Posy, Lola, Ellis, and Flynn. Posy and Lola's friendship is heartwarming and also bittersweet. At first they don't even want to talk to each other. But then after learning more about each other they overcome their differences and be the best friend they ever had. The characters are developed well throughout the book. I can see how Posy matures from a hurt bride-to-be to a strong woman who successfully helps her family's business. 
Some might find that this book's ending is predictable. I was a bit caught off guard because Jones chose to reveal the expected at unexpected moment. In the end, it wraps up nicely and proper. All in all, Tickled Pink is a lovely tale for those who want to take a peek at countryside life.

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