[Mini Review] The Toothless Tooth Fairy - Shanelle Hicks

Title of Book : The Toothless Tooth Fairy
Author : Shanelle Hicks
Illustrator: Anca Delia Budeanu
Publisher : Mirror Publishing

Bella had it all. The hair, the dress, and the smile. One day, her most important asset was missing...her tooth! Will Bella find the perfect tooth in time for the contest? Will Zelda, the meanest of the fairies, destroy Bella's chances of winning the crown? Take a journey onto Cloud Nine as Bella searches for a new tooth only to discover the tooth...I mean truth...behind her true beauty.

The Toothless Tooth Fairy is a cute children book. It’s about a tooth fairy, named Bella, who’s participating in a tooth fairy contest. Just before the contest starts, she loses her tooth because of Zelda. Zelda is another participant of the contest who’s jealous of Bella’s beauty. Bella then tried to find herself a tooth so she can smile proudly at the contest.
The story is fun and simple. I think it’s easy to read especially for children. The illustration is cute and eye-catching so it will keep the children interested. The illustration is my favorite part of the book. That’s a good thing since pictures are one of the important parts of children book, I guess. This book teaches that kindness is more important than appearance. Zelda is a bully. Zelda did horrible things to Bella. Instead of getting back at Zelda, Bella just hugs her. It’s sweet and I think it kind of teaches the children how to react toward bullies. Overall, in my opinion The Toothless Tooth Fairy would be an enjoyable read for children.
I received a free copy of this book from the author for an honest review.


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