[Review] Twins - Caroline B. Cooney

Title of Book : Twins
Author : Caroline B. Cooney
Publisher : Scholastic

Caroline Cooney's classic tale of suspense, in a bold new package
Mary Lee and Madrigal are identical twins, exactly alike in every way. Until they are separated -- then Mary Lee wishes she could live her sister's life. And then she gets her wish . . . along with a horrifying discovery.

Twins is a book about twins (duh) named Madrigal and Mary Lee. Being identical twins, every part of their life has always been the same. Until Mary Lee was sent away to a boarding school by their parents. Their parents thought that it would be best for them to be separated. But Mary Lee didn’t think so. She didn’t try to adapt to her new boarding school life. Let alone making new friends. She kept missing her twin and sending ‘twin signal’ to Madrigal hoping that Madrigal felt the same. Then Madrigal sent her a letter saying that she would visit her at the boarding school. Mary Lee then realized that she’s different from her twin sister after all. Madrigal is the twin who has the voice while Mary Lee is just an echo. Mary Lee wished that she had Madrigal’s life. Then they went skiing, Madrigal convinced Mary Lee to switch clothes and act as Madrigal for a while. Unfortunately, accident happened and Madrigal died. People misidentified the body and concluded that the one who died was Mary Lee. Mary Lee then tried to live as Madrigal and she discovered an ugly truth about her twin sister.
This book is basically about a twin who is confused about her identity. Mary Lee used to be a part of a set. So when she’s separated from her twin, she couldn’t handle the idea of herself as a whole human being. At times her confusion becomes repetitive and annoying since this book is short. Even though Twins is a book about twins, it is told only from Mary Lee’s perspective. We don’t know what’s going on Madrigal’s head. But I think that’s kind of the point because the mystery revolves around Madrigal.  
There’s a bit of inconsistency in this book. If I’m not mistaken, I think the author described Mary Lee’s eyes as Hazel (when she first met Jon Pear at school). Yet, she described Mary Lee’s eyes as green (when she argued with Van in class later). It’s okay though. Those are just details that didn’t really bother my reading experience.
I expect more from the ending. Some sick part of my brain is able to make up more twisted end to this book. And it’s a lot creepier than the original ending. I don’t know, maybe because after all of the tense, the ending is just … meh. I mean, that’s it?
All in all Twins is a quick, light reading. This book is short. I’m not sure if it’s okay to say that reading this book is fun. Because let’s face it, this book creeps me out. One thing that I learn from this book, even when you think you know someone as identical as you are, don’t be so sure about it. Oh and twin sister is creepy. At least the one like Madrigal is.

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