Fall into Reading Read-a-thon Day 7 Update

I know it's late but since my goal is to post daily update so here's my day 7 update. I finish The Realm of Possibilities! Beautiful book. Written in poems and song lyrics. I haven't finished reading 4 to 16 Characters yet, but I've read 149 pages of the book. So it's the end! Have a good day, people.

4 to 16 Characters : 149 pages read
The Realm of Possibilities : 229 pages read

Books read : 2 (Boy Meets Boy, The Realm of Possibilities)
Reviews written : 2 (The Shoestring Club, 1984)

  • read 3 books
  • post daily updates on blog
  • write 2 reviews
  • enjoy the read-a-thon

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