[Review] Living Dead Girl - Elizabeth Scott

Title of Book: Living Dead Girl
Author: Elizabeth Scott
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publication Year: 2009
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 170

The thing is, you can get used to anything. You think you can't, you want to die, but you don't. You won't. You just are.
This is Alice.
She was taken by Ray five years ago.
She thought she knew how her story would end.
She was wrong.


To be honest, I'm not sure if I'm going to write a full review for this book because I don’t think I have enough to say for a full review. Anyway, Living Dead Girl is about a 10 years old girl who was kidnapped by a man when she's on a school trip to the aquarium. Fast forward to five years later, the girl is still kidnapped. She's more broken than ever and she gets an idea that her kidnapper might not want to keep her alive for any longer. This is her, telling her story and how she wants to survive.
This book is written from the kidnapped girl’s point of view which makes it terrifying to read. As a reader, we basically have the front seat view of the terrible things that the kidnapper did to the girl, or as the kidnapper likes to call her, Alice. I think the author did a good job in describing Alice’s fear and confusion. She was abused for years to the point that she almost loses her identity and feeling numb about everything. The repetition in this book might make it boring, but I believe it’s necessary to simulate what Alice experienced for years that it makes her feeling like a living dead girl.
It’s a short book to read, but it isn’t the easiest book to read. The subject matter is already difficult to talk about. The way it’s written with no glossing over made me feel uncomfortable reading it. Sadly, these things are happening in real live and I think it’s important to be able to talk about or raise awareness of it. 
The scariest thing is it could happen to anyone. Anyone could be the kidnapper. In this book, Alice keeps saying that no one is saving her because no one is listening to her. Since people don’t really suspect her kidnapper, no one pay enough attention to her to notice that there’s something wrong with her. Again, it’s horrible but it happens.
All in all, it’s a dark and depressing book to read. It’s not a perfect book, but the subject makes it important to read. I don’t give it the highest rating because I felt uncomfortable with the sexual act described in this book. It made me feel uneasy. So I recommend Living Dead Girls for adult readers only.


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