[Review] In the Land of Broken Time - Max Evan & Maria Evan

Title of Book: In The Land of Broken Time: The Incredible Journey
Author: Max Evan & Maria Evan
Publisher: self-published
Publication Year: 2016
Language: English
Format: Ebook
Pages: 52

This book is about the adventures of the boy named Christopher, the girl named Sophia and retriever Duke. By chance they found themselves in a balloon, that took them into a fairyland, where mysterious events happen. 
Children wanted to find the way home. The heroes had to solve a lot of mysteries.They learned interesting ways of time measuring and found a time machine. 

I got a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
In the Land of Broken Time is a children book about the adventure of Christopher, Sophia, and a dog named Duke. Christopher and Sophia went to a circus and ended up in a hot air balloon with a dog. The hot air balloon, then flew them away into an unknown land and they have to find a way to be back home. 
This book is enjoyable to read. It was easy to read, which is not surprising since it’s intended for children. What I actually meant is, I was in a book slump, but I still managed to finish reading this book. Even though this book is not long, I was so busy that I couldn’t read this book back to back. It wasn’t a good way to read this book, and I don’t suggest to read it that way. But it was easy to pick this book up to read again.
This book is full of action and it’s quite fast-paced for a children book. Since it’s action-packed, this book isn’t boring at all. Adults can read this book along with children and still enjoy this book. This book is also educating and teaches kids important values such as bravery, friendship, and doing the right thing. It also teaches kids about time, but in a fun way.
My only problem with this book is actually regarding to the technicality. This book has illustrations or pictures in it which support the plot development. My copy, or rather the format that I was reading in, didn’t allow me to fully see the pictures. Somehow the pictures always appear cropped. There are pictures of posters in the book, which quite important for the story, but I couldn’t read what’s written on it because of that. Maybe it’s because of the device that I used to read this book, I’m not sure. That bothers me a bit. But other than that, everything’s fine. 
All in all, it’s a fun adventure book. I recommend this book. Maybe it will be more fun if we’re able to read it in physical copy, but it’s still a fun children book nonetheless. 

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