Top 5 Favorite Things About Blogging

Hello! Top 5 Wednesday is a feature that was created by Lainey over at gingerreadslainey. It's been a while since I last doing Top 5 Wednesday and I miss it. There's also a goodreads group for Top 5 Wednesday if you want to know more about the feature. This week's topic is top five favorite things about booktubing/blogging. I've been book blogging for about two years and I enjoyed every second of it. Though I admit there are times when I was on a book blogging slump, especially when the lazy part of me took over. Still, it has been a fun experience maintaining this blog.

5. Blogging can lead to exciting opportunities
It's true. If I hadn't blogged, I wouldn't have participated in fun events such as read-a-thons, giveaways, charities, or blog tour. I wouldn't have talked to authors or publishers. I wouldn't have received those early ARC copies or published books. 
4. Learning something new
Ever since I started book blogging, I've learned new things. It can be anything. From the technical aspect of maintaining a blog to the behind the scene of publishing industry. I even learned a bit about graphic design. Thanks to my insistence to design the blog layout by myself, I finally learned a thing or two about Corel 
3. Getting awesome book recommendations
Although I don't think adding more books to my never ending TBR is a good idea. Still, finding out about new books is always exciting! Not to mention those hidden gems that I wouldn't have picked up myself if it wasn't for the book blogosphere and booktube. 
2. Meeting new bookish friends
Meeting new people who have the same passion of mine? uh, yes please. Ever since I started blogging I've met several amazing people. Through comments, blog walking, and of course the Blogger Buku Indonesia (BBI) community. 
1. Writing about books I read
My main reason to start this blog is to write down my thoughts about books I read. Most of the times, reading books can be overwhelming. Especially if the books are so emotional or thought provoking. You can't help but have the urge to keep talking about them and getting it out of your head. So writing reviews never become a burden to me (at least I'm trying not to make it a burden). It's also exciting to share my thoughts so other people can find out about these amazing books.

So that's about it. How about you? What's your favorite part of blogging or booktubing? Feel free to leave the answer or a link to your post in the comment section.

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