[Review] Go Ask Alice - Anonymous

Title of Book : Go Ask Alice
Author : Anonymous (Beatrice Sparks)
Publisher : Simon Pulse

January 24th 
After you've had it, there isn't even life without drugs.... 
It started when she was served a soft drink laced with LSD in a dangerous party game. Within months, she was hooked, trapped in a downward spiral that took her from her comfortable home and loving family to the mean streets of an unforgiving city. It was a journey that would rob her of her innocence, her youth -- and ultimately her life. 
Read her diary. 
Enter her world. 
You will never forget her. 
For thirty-five years, the acclaimed, bestselling first-person account of a teenage girl's harrowing decent into the nightmarish world of drugs has left an indelible mark on generations of teen readers. As powerful -- and as timely -- today as ever, Go Ask Alice remains the definitive book on the horrors of addiction.

Go Ask Alice is a part of Anonymous (?) series, which tells stories about troubled teenagers dealing with serious issues. Go Ask Alice is basically a book about a girl who’s involved with drugs. This book tells the reader how the girl’s life goes after she becomes a drug addict. The name of the girl who writes this diary isn’t explicitly mentioned in the book. However, there’s one time where the girl mentions a girl named Alice. Though I can’t be sure if the Alice in the title is the one that’s mentioned by the girl.
I was interested in reading this book because of Letting Ana Go. Letting Ana Go is another book in Anonymous series that deals with anorexia and bulimia. That book really opens my eyes about how dangerous eating disorders could be. As for Go Ask Alice, I already understand how bad drugs are, but I thought it would be interesting to read a book about it.
I could totally see how Go Ask Alice served as an anti-drug book. This book is not the best written book ever, but it serves its purpose. I guess. What I meant is Go Ask Alice could be a good choice for showing how horrible being a junkie is, to teens who’s never done drugs. This book shows almost every worst possible consequences of doing drugs. But, Go Ask Alice is not a good reading choice to people who’s already addicted to drugs. Because this book tells us that no matter how hard the girl tries to be clean, she ends up using drugs again. Plus, the ending of this book kind of frustrating. I think it would make the drug addicts who’ve read this book feel that there’s no point to become clean because in the end, you’ll end up the same anyway.
Since it’s written in a form of diary which is written by a teenage girl, there’s a lot of plot holes here and there. It’s a diary after all; realistically not all people are able to keep track of their life through a diary. One minus side of this book being a teenage girl diary is the way it’s written. The girl used a lot of exaggeration and her writing style is so childish. It’s okay for once in a while, but sometimes it’s tiring to see a word being repeated three times plus exclamation mark even though it isn’t necessary.
It doesn’t hurt to read this book once. Go Ask Alice isn’t a long read. Yet, I must warn you that there’s a lot of swearing and sex and of course drugs (duh). So, anyway I gave it three out of five for the effort of warning young people about drugs’ dangers. 

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