[Review] Infamous (Fame Game #3) - Lauren Conrad

Title of Book : Infamous (Fame Game #3)
Author : Lauren Conrad
Publisher : HarperCollins

Infamous brings Lauren Conrad’s juicy, gossipy Fame Game series to a stunning conclusion.
As the star of MTV series The Hills, Lauren Conrad understands Hollywood life. She uses insider knowledge to tell the story of Madison Parker, Kate Hayes, and Carmen Curtis, stars of The Fame Game, the reality TV show that follows the girls as they try to become famous in L.A.
Kate and Carmen are about to become big stars, but they’re going to have to survive some backstage drama first. Madison is learning hard lessons about fame as she deals with backstabbing “friends” and family, out-of-control paparazzi, and a scandal reported in every tabloid.

*this review might contain spoiler of the previous book*
Infamous is the last book in The Fame Game series by Lauren Conrad. In this book we’ll see the conclusion of Madison, Kate, Carmen, and Gaby’s glamorous tale as they are starring a reality TV show called The Fame Game.
In the previous book, Madison decided to quit The Fame Game and Gaby got OD and had to be taken care at the hospital. Now that Madison quits the show and Gaby’s in rehab, Carmen and Kate are now living together in Mad and Gaby’s apartment. Carmen and Kate still has a love-hate friendship and Drew, Carmen childhood friend, is involved romantically with Kate.
Infamous has a lot of drama going on and it should be. It revolves around reality TV’s stars after all. I love reading about Hollywood clichés and see how Conrad makes it more interesting.
For the characters, Conrad gives each main character her own problems. That’s good for them. It doesn’t make the characters look all black and white. I’m a little surprised that in the end, Madison is my favorite character of the series. She’s come a long way and even though she’s still has a bit of selfish trait, she’s learnt a lot. It’s nice to see the character grows through the series which mean it takes time and makes her more real. However, (aside from Trevor) I always see Carmen as the bad guy. I don’t know, she looks a bit like spoiled brat to me.
I’m not really fond of the romance between Kate and Drew (Krew). The thing between them is so high school and unbalanced because I think Drew is the only one who really tries. As for Madison and Ryan, I love them. They look sweet and have more mature relationship. Even though they have to face difficulties at first, with Ryan’s past (it’s explained in the previous book) and Madison’s lifestyle, they could manage it well.
Conrad ends the series nicely. Each character has what he/she deserves (sounds a bit cruel, doesn’t it). Maybe some of you will find the book (or the series) has typical Hollywood movies cheesy ending but Fame Game is about Hollywood life so, I think the ending works fine.
Fame Game is a good series if you like to read about Hollywood glamorous life, and drama (of course). It’s a quick read and a nice summer read, I guess. I’ve been having fun reading Lauren Conrad’s books. After LA Candy and Fame Game I really hope she would write again soon.


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