[Book Haul] Book Haul (#2)

Ever heard of bookdepository.co.uk? It's basically an online book store. I tried to buy from them because I want to know this online store's service. It's difficult to find most books, that I want to read, in the book store here. So I have to rely on the internet. The books that I bought are Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed and Up Over Down Under from the S.A.S.S. (Student Across the Seven Seas) series. Since it's a trial I only bought two books.

1. Something Borrowed - Emily Giffin

I love romance. I've had enough of Nicholas Sparks so I thought I need to try another author and Emily Giffin was my choice. I bought Something Blue and later realized that the book has a prequel. Turns out, the prequel is Something Borrowed. Something Borrowed has been adapted into movie. The book store where I bought Something Blue only had Something Borrowed in movie cover version. I don't like the movie cover version, but I couldn't find the original cover version in every book store in the city. That's how I decided to buy this book online. :))

2. Up Over Down Under - Micol Ostow & Noah Harlan

I've read some of the books from S.A.S.S. series that have been translated into Bahasa Indonesia. Such as Getting the boot and Pardon My French. But I want MORE. It's very difficult to find the series, even the translated version. I hopped from one book store to another in Surabaya (Indonesia) just to buy the series. I finally gave up and bought them online instead.

What I love from bookdepository is the free bookmark!! I got one for each book (which means I got two bookmarks :P).

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