June 2017 Wrap-Up & Favorites

 June Wrap-Up & Favorites

Hi fellow readers! We're officially in the middle of the year 2017. For us Muslims, June coincides with Ramadan month and we celebrated Eid Al-Fitr at the end of June. So, happy Eid Al-Fitr. Anyway, because it's Ramadan month, we were fasting for a month. Since Indonesia is a country where the majority are Muslims, most offices shorten their work hours so the employees could go home early and break their fast with their family. Because of that, I read more than previous months. Since I wasn't eating, I spent my lunch break with reading. That's how I managed to read 7 books, 1 graphic novel, and 2 novellas.

Books read in June

some_text United We Spy (Gallagher Girls #6) – Ally Carter (★★★★)
One of the reasons why I like to marathon a series is so I can fully engross in the series. Well that's what happened with this series. I was too invested in it that I don't like saying goodbye to this series. After reading all six books back-to-back, I became attached to the characters and I must say they are pretty bad ass girls (and boy, I don't forget about you Zach). Though I don't really approve of how the relationship between a certain couple ends up, the ending is bittersweet. Other thing that bugs me is how it's not explained why the 'villain' did what she did (if you know who I mean). She's a bit unhinged, but not enough backstory to back up that part of her character. Still, it ends with a graduation ceremony and I just ... love this series. I'm genuinely surprised at how much I love this series in the end. Well done, Ally Carter.
some_text Classified Material (Gallagher Girls #4.5) – Ally Carter (★★★)
Classified Material is a novella which show what happened when Cammie went missing after book 4. It contains snippets of the several days when Cammie gone, told from her friends point of view including Zach. Each dealt with the situation differently. It's heartbreaking, really. Thank God I knew what happened afterwards. It's a (not-so) nice addition to the series (because of the sadness). But I read it anyway because I can't get enough of these girls.
some_text A Gallagher Wedding (Gallagher Girls #6.5) – Ally Carter (★★★)
A Gallagher Wedding is a nice short story which takes place on certain characters' wedding. No, I won't tell whose because I don't want to spoil it. It's only 12 pages. Still, it's nice to know that these characters are doing okay. Especially after everything they've been through throughout the series. This is the nice addition to the series. The only minus is, not enough Zach and Cammie.
some_text The Chronicles of Audy: 4R (The Chronicles of Audy #1) - Orizuka (★★★)
This book is the first book of a contemporary series by an Indonesian author. I know, I don't read many Indonesian contemporary books. Mostly because they tend to be unrealistic, overly cheesy, and repetitive. It's just not my thing. I picked this book because first of all, the cover. It's simple yet gorgeous. Second, because the premise interests me. It sounds like those over-the-top Japanese shoujo manga/ drama; and it is. I'm fine with a book being cheesy and over-the-top as long as the author acknowledges it as it is. I feel that's what happened with this book. Orizuka embraced the over-the-topness of this book and it works. At least I think it works. It's still unrealistic, but it's laugh out loud funny and entertaining. I won't talk much about it here because I've written a full review of this book in Bahasa Indonesia.
some_text The Chronicles of Audy: 21 (The Chronicles of Audy #2) - Orizuka (★★★★)
The Chronicles of Audy: 21 is the second book in The Chronicles of Audy series. We still follow the life of Audy and the Rashad brothers. It's still over the top and laugh out loud funny. The writing is better than the previous one. I like this more than the first book. I started to get attached to the characters. I've also written a full review of this book in Bahasa Indonesia.
some_text The Chronicles of Audy: 4/4 (The Chronicles of Audy #3) - Orizuka (★★★)
Still with The Chronicles of Audy series. This is book three and I'm at the point where I can't write a full review because of spoilers. So of course I won't say anything at all about the plot. I hate to say this but, I don't like Audy in this book. I like her in the first book, then I like her even more in the second book, but not in this one. She seriously needs to get her priority straight. It's almost frustrating reading her in this book. She's also a crying machine. She cries a lot. Because of that, I don't give it the same rating as the previous book.
some_text The Chronicles of Audy: O2 (The Chronicles of Audy #4) - Orizuka (★★★)
In June, I managed to finish the entire The Chronicles of Audy series. It's quite a journey. Again, might not be the best book/series ever written but this series was exactly what I needed at the time. It's fluffy, over-the-top funny, and could be cheesy at times especially the last book. For a series about family, of course you'll expect some disney-like scene in these books. Moreover, in the last book where it also deals with goodbye. Reading this series, I weirdly feel that I could relate to Rex the most, who is one of the brothers. Because I'm not like Audy or the typical main protagonist of a shoujo manga or drama who is bubbly, cheerful, and seems to have warm personality. Final verdict for this series, I recommend it for you Indonesian readers out there.
some_text Nimona - Noelle Stevenson (★★★★)
This graphic novel was on my wishlist ever since it came out. I even haven't heard a single bad thing about it. So when Penerbit Spring, a publisher which translated and published Nimona in Indonesia offered to send a copy, I immediately said yes. I wasn't disappointed. I've posted a review of this graphic novel, but it's in Bahasa Indonesia if you want to check it out.
some_text A Thousand Splendid Suns - Khaled Hosseini (★★★★★)
Hands down best book I've read in 2017 so far. It triggered many emotions for me, sadness, anger, happy, hope. This book tells a story about two women from different generations in Afghanistan. Their life would later intersect in the most heartbreaking way possible. Needless to say, I recommend this book. If you want to know more about my thought on this book, I will post a full review of this book later in July.
some_text Scheduled Suicide Day - Akiyoshi Rikako (★★★)
This book is the fourth Akiyoshi Rikako's book that's been translated into Bahasa Indonesia. Akiyoshi Rikako is a Japanese author. She's popular in Indonesia after her books're translated and published in Indonesia by Penerbit Haru. Her books often fall in the mystery or thriller genre with a mind blowing twist. Although this book is not my favorite of her books, she's still one of my favorite authors. I've written a full review of this book in Bahasa Indonesia which will be posted later in July.

June Favorites


A Thousand Splendid Suns



I finally watched Logan. I wanted to watch this movie ever since I watched the trailer. The trailer's so depressing and devastating. Especially knowing that it would be the last time Hugh Jackman plays the role of Wolverine. I mean, I couldn't even imagine someone else as Wolverine. That's just how iconic his role is. It's just heartbreaking watching your superheroes age and being reflective of their life. For mutants, they never look as human as they are in this movie before. Aside from Hugh Jackman, I think Dafne Keen as Laura is also great. They have great chemistry. Their interactions are convincing and touching. I even shed a tear at the end of the movie. It's just different from other superheroes movies I've watched. I think you don't necessarily have to like superheroes to enjoy this movie. Such a great closing to Jackman's career as wolverine.

TV Series

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 3

One name, Titus Andromedon. Sorry to say, but he outshines Kimmy in this season. He's the queen! Favorite episode? Of course the one where Titus was Lemonade-ing. If you've watched the first and second season of Kimmy Schmidt but haven't watched the third season, go watch it now!


My June's favorite playlist is dominated by female singers, which is great. Though I attach a playlist of the month in this post, most of the time I just listened to the whole Paramore's After Laughter album. Let's just say After Laughter suited my mental state in June (in fact, it still does). It's like their album came at the right time when I need it. It's ironic how many people said that Paramore changes their sound a lot and make it happier and poppier when the truth is, if you listen to the lyrics, their songs are the epitome of anxiety and depression. I just love After Laughter. My song recommendations are Rose-colored Boy, Fake Happy, and of course Hard Times and Told You So.

There you have it. After a good month of reading, I'm actually excited for July. I hope I can read as many if not more than I did in June. How about you? Did you read good books in June?

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