February 2017 Wrap-Up & Favorites


Hello! It’s March! I’m trying to be positive here even though I didn’t read much on February. It sucks, but that’s fine. At least the books that I did read didn’t disappoint me. So, that’s a plus. Without further ado, here’s the books that I read in February.

Books read in February

some_text George – Alex Gino (★★★★)
George is a middle grade book and I won’t explain much here because I already posted a full review of this book. You can actually see the link in the Review Posts section.
some_text The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, Vol. 2 (★★★★)
I read volume 1 in December and I like it a lot. I’ve been trying to pick this book but I guess I just feel hesitant because I want to kind of save this one for later read. I finally read it and like the previous volume, I like it. What else can I say? It’s an adorable tiny book with tiny stories accompanied by cute and sometimes creepy illustration.

Review Posts in February
Mata Hari - Paulo Coelho
George - Alex Gino

Non-Review Posts in February
Top 5 Favorite Non-Written Novels

February Favorites

TV shows


Suburgatory is a sitcom about single father who moves away with his daughter from New York City to the suburbs to give his daughter a better life. I’ve been watching this series lately. It’s not exactly my favorite series, but I’m only eight episodes in and I’ve been enjoying it so far. Mostly because I can relate to Tessa’s (the daughter) view of Chatswin (the suburbs). I’ve also been romanticizing the idea of living in a big city like New York like Tessa. That’s why I had a good time watching this show. I know some people said that this show gets worse in later seasons (which sad because it only has three seasons), but I'm just going to enjoy it while it's still fun to watch.


Like what I did with the previous volume, here’s some tiny stories from The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories vol. 2 which I like

I just need some time away
to remember why I stay.

I lost you
when you left me
to find yourself.

The right shoe left, knowing
that the left shoe was right.

There you have it, my February wrap-up and favorites (kind of because I only have one TV show for my favorite in February). I’m sorry if this wrap-up seems halfhearted. I’m tired. I don’t want to make writing posts or wrap-up as a chore but I do need to write this one wrap-up. I realized I haven’t posted many non-review posts. I’ll try to do my best in March and I’m pretty optimistic that I’ll read more books in March. I mean, I want to. There’s so many books that I’m dying to read. Anyway, hope you all will have a good month!

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