Top 10 Podcasts You Should be Listening to

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature originally created by The Broke and The Bookish. This week's topic for Top Ten Tuesday is audio related freebie! I don't listen to audio books, but I like listening to podcasts. I've actually done top podcast post where I mentioned five cool bookish podcast to listen to. Since I've mentioned five already, I'm gonna mention another five here.

Gilmore Guys Gilmore Guys
I've mentioned this podcast on my July 2016 favorite. If you love Gilmore Girls or can't move on from the show just yet, this podcast is for you! Hosted by Kevin Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe, they will discuss each episode of Gilmore Girls from its pop culture reference to the fashion report. They often go tangent, but they're funny. That's why this podcast is categorized under comedy. Overall, Gilmore Guys is just entertaining.
Lore Lore
Lore is a podcast about the spooky history behind the folklore. It's quite frightening, so if you don't like horror stories I don't recommend this podcast. But the stories covered by the host Aaron Mahnke are often fascinating. It's just interesting to know how a real life gruesome event can shape the modern superstition that we know now.
Favorite Murder My Favorite Murder
My Favorite Murder is a podcast where two women talk about their favorite murders. Hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, this podcast covers stories about real life murderers and serial killers. Sometimes they will upload episodes where they will read murder stories sent by listeners. For true crime and mystery lovers, this podcast is recommended to you.
Memory Palace The Memory Palace
The Memory Palace is a historical storytelling podcast. It's hosted by Nate DiMeo. Each episode only takes 4 to 20 minutes depend on the subject. The subject varies from historical moments, places to historical figures. This podcast is so atmospheric. It's backed with effective musical score that will take you back in time for a moment, which is why I like this podcast.
Marvel News Making Mine Marvel/ Marvel News
Making Mine Marvel is a podcast by Modern Myth Media. This podcast is hosted by Sean Gerber and Paul Hermann. It's about Marvel news, reviews, and discussion. I'm not a big comic reader, but I do love watching Marvel's movies. I'm always excited everytime a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie is out. So this podcast is right up my alley. What I love more about this podcast is the Marvel Unlimited Book Club. The hosts will pick Marvel's comics for the book club and having discussions about them. See, I've been thinking to start reading Marvel/DC comic, but I don't know where to start. Because of the huge selection and confusing timeline. So the book club really helps me in picking up comics to read. So far, I've read Daredevil: the Man without Fear and Civil War and I love both.

So there you have it. Do you have a favorite podcast to listen to? or do you listen to any of the podcast that I've mentioned?

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