May 2016 Wrap-Up & Favorites


Hello! It’s June already! We’re in the middle of the year. Can’t believe time flies by so fast. I must say, May wasn’t a good month for me. I ended up only reading two books. The due date for my master thesis is right around the corner and I got my first freelance job. So yeah, I’ve been busy and haven’t read much. Anyway, here’s the summaries of books I read in May.

Books read in May

tales of blood&sulphur Tales of Blood and Sulphur – J.G. Clay (★★★)
Tales of Blood and Sulphur is a collection of eleven supernatural horror short stories. Like other short stories collection, some of the stories I enjoyed some I don’t. I’ve written a review of this book. So I won’t talk about it more. You can read my review instead which will be posted in the first week of June.
tampa Tampa – Alissa Nutting (★★★)
This book is probably the most controversial book I’ve read. Tampa is a book about a female hebephile. Yep, she is basically a sexual predator. The main character, Celeste, has sexual preference for pubescent boy, specifically 14 year old boy. Interesting fact, this book is inspired by the real case of Debra Lafave. It’s a creepy and disturbing book, it has graphic sexual content, but it’s a fascinating read. I’ve written a full review of this book which I will post in the second week of June.

May Favorites

TV shows

Castle is a crime-drama-comedy show about Richard Castle, a bestselling mystery novelist, and his muse Detective Katherine Beckett, an NYPD homicide detective. The show follows them around New York City solving unusual crimes. I’ve watched several episodes of Castle before. It’s the same case with Criminal Minds to me. I used to watch it only when it happened to be on TV. I didn’t watch it in chronological order, which spoiled me because I could watch an episode where Castle and Beckett are together then the next time I watch it they aren’t. But that’s okay, I still want to watch this show. Also, as you all know (cause it’s all over the internet) the show is cancelled. So, I might as well watch it from the very first episode; and I did. It’s so funny. I love watching Castle’s immature behavior and his clever quips. I also love Castle’s occasional poker night with other famous mystery writers, such as James Patterson and Michael Connelly. They did make cameo appearances in the show which is fun to watch.



Glico Pejoy

First of all, not a sponsor. Second, I’m pretty sure you guys have at least heard of Pocky. Japanese snack which is basically a biscuit stick covered with flavored cream. The snack is so famous that it has many, even unusual, cream variants. Pocky has been my go-to snack. My favorite so far (since there are only six variants available currently in Indonesia), is the chocolate banana one. That is until I found Pejoy. Marketed as Pocky’s friend, of course I was intrigued to try it. Boy, it’s sooo good. Again, not a sponsor but ever since I found this gem, you could almost always see at least one of this snack in my room. That’s just how much I love it. I do hope more variants of Pejoy will be available in Indonesia.

There you go. May was quite a busy month for me. It wasn’t a good month in terms of reading, but that’s fine. How about yours? Hope you had a better reading month than me.

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