2015 Reading Challenges Wrap Up Post

2015 has come and gone. Now that we're entering 2016, it'll be ideal to wrap up all the reading challenges in 2015 that I participated in. There are three reading challenges that I participated in, which are the nonfiction, the ebook, and the manga/ graphic novel challenge. My sign up post for those challenges can be read here. Without further ado let's get on with it, shall we?

2015 Nonfiction Reading Challenge

For this challenge, I chose Dilettante level which is to read 1-5 nonfiction books. I read 3 nonfiction books. Two of them I didn't write reviews and one I've scheduled to post in January(? probably).

2015 Ebook Reading Challenge

I chose Bytes level which is to read 10 ebooks. I read 14 ebooks. Yay me! lol. The books are:

2015 8th Annual Graphic Novel/ Manga Challenge

I first chose Modern Age level which means I have to read and review 12 books. Then I completed it and up my level to Modern Age which means I have to read and review 24 books. I ended up reading 25 books (again, yay me!). Although I'm pretty sure I didn't have enough time to update my progress on the official site. But that's alright, I still read enough books.
So there's my wrap up. I must say I did a lot better than last year reading challenge (which was a total fail, ha ha). Anyhoo, how about yours? Wish you had a great reading challenge year in 2015!

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