[Review] Labyrinth - A.C.H. Smith

Title of Book : Labyrinth
Author : A.C.H. Smith
Publisher : Henry Holt

What happens when you wish for something terrible ... and your wish comes true? Young Sarah is about to find out. Left at home to mind her baby brother, Toby, she finds herself trying to comfort a screaming infant as a wild storm rages about the house. In a fit of temper, she wishes that the goblins would come and take the child away. Unfortunately, they do.
Sarah then plunges into a whirlwind adventure. If she cannot reach the center of the mysterious Labyrinth within thirteen hours, Jareth -- King of the Goblins -- will keep Toby forever. In the twists and turns of her dangerous journey to Jareth's castle, she meets an extraordinary variety of strange characters, some more friendly than others. But none of them will be able to help her unless she musters the courage to challenge Jareth -- no matter what the odds.

Labyrinth is the second book that I picked based on my TBR jar. I honestly didn’t know anything about this book. I found out that this book is actually a novelization of a movie called Labyrinth starring David Bowie.
To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write a review of this book. I .. err… had some kind of an on and off thingy with this book. One time I did enjoy this book, but then there’s a time when I thought that I wouldn’t be able to finish this book. But in the end, I finished it so that’s nice.
In my opinion, Labyrinth is visual and descriptive. It has a decent plot. Not really great in a way, but decent. One thing that bothers me is this book lacks of background story. There's a lot of plot holes here and there. It caused me to put down this book several times. If only not for the fun of exploring the labyrinth and its riddle, I don’t think I could finish this book.
The story in this book revolves around Sarah and her adventure trying to get through a complicated labyrinth in order to save her baby brother. Besides Sarah, there’s also Jareth of course. He’s supposed to be a handsome king, but based on the description and my imagination, I found him weird. As for Sarah, even though she’s the main protagonist in this book, she’s not my favorite character from the book. In fact, I doubt it if there’s any character in this book that I like. I found Sarah annoying and she acts like she knows-it-all.
I think the main attraction is the labyrinth itself. Too bad there’s no explanation as to how the two worlds—human world and goblin world— intersect. In conclusion, I don’t recommend this book, except you’ve watched the movie. But then, this book is a novelization of the movie so I think there’s no point in reading it if you’ve watched the movie.  

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