[Review] Prada Princesses (Project Fashion #3) - Jasmine Oliver

Title of Book : Prada Princesses (Project Fashion #3)
Author : Jasmine Oliver
Publisher : Simon Pulse

Catch up with your favorite fashion First Years: 
Freshman year at fashion school has been nonstop chaos -- from trading boyfriends to almost losing the flat! But before the summer ends... 
Sinead is pushing the limits in the final show with her body-art designs, 
Marina's designing killer shoes -- but they get stuck in a corner display, and... 
Frankie just might ditch the show altogether to strut the catwalks in Paris! 
Drama takes the stage when Marina's father disappears on a business trip. Between finishing the school year and Marina's family crisis, the girls are on edge -- but the show must go on.

Prada Princesses is the third book and the final book in Project Fashion trilogy. In this book, the girls are facing their first year final assignment at Central Fashion College. Each of the girls has their own specialty, but in this assignment Frankie and Sinead decided to work as a group. Sinead is going to present her body-art designs while Frankie creates jewelry that will complement it. Meanwhile, Marina is trying to persuade the Head Department to give her shoes a spotlight on the final show.
Prada Princesses focuses on Marina. In this book, besides the final show, Marina got a call from her mother saying that her father went missing on a business trip. With some help from Sinead’s mother’s connections, Marina tried to look for her father. Along the way, Marina feels that her mother is too controlling and doesn’t really care about her father. She finds out later that there’s more to that.
Frankie is still my favorite character, even though she doesn’t get much portion in this book. I must say, I grow to like Marina. Marina’s character develops well throughout the series. She started as a girl who only thinks about the newest collection of fashion brands or flirting with boys. But as I get to know her more, she turns out to be the most caring and loyal between the three.
I gave up trying to figure out how the girls met. But I’m glad that there’s more fashion aspect described in this book. It’s a nice conclusion of the girls’ first year at Central Fashion College. I gave it three out of five.


  1. semoga terkabul versi cover yg ini karena emang paling bagus sih menurutku :D