[Review] Now You're One of Us - Asa Nonami

Title of Book : Now You’re One of Us
Author : Asa Nonami
Publisher : Vertical

In the tradition of Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca and Ira Levin's Rosemary's Baby, here is a new classic about the bride who's no longer sure what to think. All families have their own rituals, secrets, and credos, like a miniature religious cult; these quirks may elicit the mirth or mild alarm of guests, but the matter is rather more serious if you're marrying into a household. If its's a Japanese one with a history, the brace yourself: some surprising truths lurk around the corner.

I found this book randomly on someone’s shelf on Goodreads. I was hooked by the time I know that this book is set in Japan, about Japanese family and their quirks, and of course written by Japanese author. The blurb is also intriguing, even though I don’t know anything about Rebecca or Rosemary’s Baby. I’ve read enough Japanese authors’ books and I’m prepared to read another peculiarity from this book. 
Now You’re One of Us is about Noriko, a woman who is married into The Shito’s household. This big family has three generations living under the same roof. As a new member of the family, she has to learn the family’s traditions and tries to fit in the family. As the story progress, Noriko finds weird things happening in the house that makes her doubting her new family. With her friend’s help, she tries to unravel the mysteries revolving around the family and find the real truth.
I know that some people find this book disturbing and/or gross and/or inappropriate. From what I’ve read, this book is not that gross, but totally inappropriate. This book contains taboo thing and that thing is the main point of this book. So there’s no skipping it if you don’t feel comfortable. Also, it caught me off guard. I really didn’t see that coming. 
I don’t know why but I like Noriko’s husband name, Kazuhito. Weird, huh? But because of that I could understand Noriko’s position. Like why wouldn’t she leave her husband and The Shitos. Since I ‘fell in love’ with Kazuhito, I get it why it’s hard for her to leave the family and how important it is to fit in the family. 
I read this book in almost one sitting. Only because I was reading it late at night. I couldn’t sleep and curious about this book so I picked this book. This book is intriguing that I was so absorbed in this book. I want to know what really happen with Noriko. Now You’re One of Us also creeps me out. Before I found out the truth about the family, it’s difficult to tell what’s real in the book and what’s not. It confused me, but it’s enough to build the tension.
I gave this book three out of five because I disagree with the inappropriateness. I know it’s a bit unfair. Yet, this gives another possibility for another reader. Some people might like this book more than I do. Still, I recommend Now You’re One of Us for those who loves to read psychological thriller books.


  1. I always wanted to read Rebecca... disturbing books usually intrigued me XD but if it's too inappropriate, hmmm..I don't know. Now you make me curious :))

  2. and now I'm curious about Rebecca. hahaha. Iya, tapi itu beneran bisa jadi aku aja yang kurang toleran sama tingkat 'kepantasan'nya lo mbak. hehehe