[Review] Letting Ana Go - Anonymous

Title of Book : Letting Ana Go
Author : Anonymous
Publisher : Simon Pulse

In the tradition of Go Ask Alice and Lucy in the Sky, a harrowing account of anorexia and addiction.
She was a good girl from a good family, with everything she could want or need. But below the surface, she felt like she could never be good enough. Like she could never live up to the expectations that surrounded her. Like she couldn’t do anything to make a change.
But there was one thing she could control completely: how much she ate. The less she ate, the better—stronger—she felt.
But it’s a dangerous game, and there is such a thing as going too far…
Her innermost thoughts and feelings are chronicled in the diary she left behind.

I read Letting Ana Go for free at Pulseit.com.
I never heard of this book before. I was intrigued by this book because of the anonymous thing. I thought this book is a nonfiction. Well it’s a fiction book. Turns out, Letting Ana Go is one of those books written by anonymous which deal with serious issues like drugs addiction, alcohol addiction, or anorexia.
Letting Ana Go is a food diary of a girl, whose name is … I don’t know but let’s just call her Ana (Even though Ana could actually mean Anorexia). Her cross country coach asks the team, especially girls, to document foods they eat daily and report it back. The coach did this because some girls on the other cross country team use the sport to hide their eating disorders. The irony is, somehow this food diary is the start of Ana’s eating disorder.
There’s a lot of things going on around Ana. Some contributes to her insecurities which lead to her eating disorder. Like her parents problem. Her father’s leaving her mother and she thinks that the cause is because her mother is not pretty enough. Ana has a boyfriend who is very sweet and caring but because of the situation in her family, she believes that she’s not good enough for her boyfriend. She feels that she has to be prettier and thinner for her boyfriend.
This book is dark, and sometimes depressing. Sometimes I got mad with Ana because she obsesses so much with her calories intake it got me thinking ‘please, I wouldn’t be that obsessive with those kind of things’. But come to think of it, I .. did .. kind of counting my calories intake at some point in my life. See, this eating disorder things are sensitive for girls (in my opinion). So Letting Ana Go is a good read, especially for teenage girls. This book makes me aware of the real danger of eating disorders. Letting Ana Go is an amazing book. I really think people should read this book.

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