[Review] The Wedding - Nicholas Sparks

Title of Book:  The Wedding
Author:  Nicholas Sparks
Publisher:  Grand Central Publishing

After thirty years of marriage, Wilson Lewis, son-in-law of Allie and Noah Calhoun (of The Notebook), is forced to admit that the romance has gone out of his marriage. Desperate to win back his wife, Jane's, heart, he must figure out how to make her fall in love with him... again. Despite the shining example of Allie and Noah's marriage, Wilson is himself a man unable to easily express his emotions. A successful estate attorney, he has provided well for his family, but now, with his daughter's upcoming wedding, he is forced to face the fact that he and Jane have grown apart and he wonders if she even loves him anymore. Wilson is sure of one thing--his love for his wife has only deepened and intensified over the years. Now, with the memories of his in-laws' magnificent fifty-year love affair as his guide, Wilson struggles to find his way back into the heart of the woman he adores.

Two words, I cried. But this review won’t be interesting if it consists of two words only, ha! I might be too melancholy or because there were a lot of weddings happened around me recently, so just by reading the epilogue I've already cried. Every time I read Sparks’ book I always anticipate which part’s going to make me cry? Will the main character be with the one he/she loves? In this book my defenses collapse from the epilogue.
We could say that this book is the sequel of Sparks’ famous love story, The Notebook. This time, the story revolves around one of Noah and Allie’s daughter, Jane. Jane has already got married with Wilson and they have three children. Wilson is the main character of this story.  The story is told through his point of view.
Some advice for those who want to read this book, do not open its Wikipedia page! Seriously, it will spoil the surprise. Just let the story flows as you flip through its pages. The plot of the story is quite interesting. Wilson would sometimes take us flashback to the time before he got married. The ending of the Wedding is somehow almost predictable, but Sparks distracts me for a bit so I ended up being surprised of knowing how the ending turns out. I think Sparks is good at throwing romantic acts or sweet sentences for reader, even though it may sound a bit cliche  Since I was on my melancholy state when I was reading The Wedding, so I was okay with those cliches  Too bad that his main character does not have a deep impression on me. I guess I have nothing else to say. For those who want a small and nice interlude in between the stressing routines, this book is good to read. 

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