[Review] Glam Girls - Nina Ardianti

Title of Book:  Glam Girls
Author:  Nina Ardianti
Publisher:  GagasMedia

Jadi pintar itu gampang—belajar aja yang rajin. Jadi cantik lebih gampang lagi. Dengan semua servis ala Nip/Tuck yang ada sekarang, apa aja mungkin. Kekayaan? Well, hanya karena lahir di keluarga kaya raya sampai tujuh turunan, bukan berarti kamu lantas punya potensi sebagai pusat perhatian. You can buy Gucci, but you can’t buy style.
Kami nggak pernah pelit kok ngasih tahu rahasianya jadi terkenal. Kamu nggak boleh dijengkal, apalagi jadi orang yang gampang ditebak. Kalau ada yang bersikap buruk ke kamu, jangan takut. Kamu juga punya hak penuh buat balik nge-bitchy-in dia. Kamu juga harus berani tampil beda. Sesekali, nggak ada salahnya tampil kontroversial. Yang nggak masuk akal biasanya susah dilupakan.
Ribet? Emang! Siapa juga sih yang bilang jadi populer itu gampang?

While seeking for a light reading I found this book at the book store. Even though probably this book is just like any other teen literature, I put a positive thought that this one maybe different. Honestly, I was attracted by its cover where there is a picture of three teenagers girl and its promotional tagline, ‘Every girl wants to be like her except herself’. That sentence made me speculate what the story would be about. Good point, because that is what a promotional tagline for.
The theme and the plot of the book are not so different from the other typical teen literature. The ‘It’ girls who rule the school and a geek who does not like them at all but apparently become one of them later. But what I like from this book is its main character. She is not a hypocrite who wants to break the ‘it’ girls circle or take a revenge on them as if the popular bitchy girls are not supposed to go to school. She thought that why would bother them if they did nothing harm toward us which is what most people (or myself) think if we were in her position. The author also gives us a brief sight that the popular girl’s life is not as sweet as we always think.
Overall, I quite enjoyed reading the book despite its common story theme. Still, I do not recommend this book for those who is bored with teenage clique things and looking for something new, except you want to do a very light reading between your busy schedules.

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