March 2022 Wrap-Up & Favorites

March Wrap-Up & Favorites
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You know, I had plans for March. The first week of March has two public holiday during which I planned on spending the days by baking, reading, and catching up on blog writing. But guess what? I got Covid-19. True, I got two weeks off from work but I wasn't asymptomatic. The first week, all I did was lying in bed and do occasional browsing through my phone because my throat and my head was killing me. I got fever for I don't remember exactly how many days because when I thought my temp has come down, the next hour it rose up again. I live alone far from home so I had to handle it by myself. Not going to lie there were times when I thought of just lying still in bed and stop taking the meds altogether. The second week, I was recovering while trying to catch up on work because I was so far behind. The amount of unread emails on my inbox was terrifying. After two freaking years avoiding the virus, it finally got me.

Books read in March

The Haunting of Hill House The Haunting of Hill House - Shirley Jackson (★★★★)
A horror book I read during one of the horror period in my life. Nope, just kidding. I didn't actually read this book when I was sick. I read it before I was sick then finished it after I got better. As always, Shirley Jackson doesn't disappoint me. I like her kind of horror. That is why I enjoyed reading this book a lot. A classing haunted house story in which the horror actually comes from the living. It's creepy, unsettling, and tragic. If that's the kind of story that you're looking for, I recommend you to read this book.

March Favorites


Gintama Live Action the Movie

While I was sick, I was in need of something funny to lighten up my days. I remember my friends who like watching anime recommending Gintama because they thought it's funny. However, the anime has a lot of episodes I'm not sure which one is the funny one or whether I should have watched it from the first episode. I found out that it has two live action films and my favorite actors starred in it. So I watched the first film and I enjoyed it so much. It's hilarious. I personally think Shun Oguri is perfect as Gintoki. Even now sometimes I like to search for funny clips from the film on YouTube. If you're looking for laughs, I recommend to watch this film. It's okay if you don't read the manga or watch the anime, it's not difficult to follow.

Gintama 2: Rules Are Made to be Broken

After watching the first film and loving it. Of course I have to watch the second film. The plot is unrelated to the first film. But it does help to watch the first film beforehand to familiarize yourself with the world setting. This one is even more hilarious. My favorite part is when Gintoki and his team trying to do part-time work because they ran out of money to pay rent. Everytime they take a job they always meet Shogun-sama who is the most important person in the country. Awkwardness and hilarities ensued.

That's all for my March wrap-up. March didn't go well for me. It's ok, at least I finally give my body a needed rest. I rediscover my love of anime live action adaptation and ikemen actors (*wink-wink). If there's one thing that I learned from being sick, is that I need to listen to my body more. Eat well if I'm hungry, sleep if I'm tired. Also to not be so hard on myself and take it easy. Hope you all stay safe and healthy.

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