January 2024 Wrap-Up & Favorites

January Wrap-Up & Favorites
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Hello fellow reader! This post marks the first wrap-up of 2024. I know it's super duper late but I've been busy. Though I didn't read a lot of books in January, I still want to share a bit about what I read and perhaps watch in January.

Books read in January

A Streetcar Named Desire A Streetcar Named Desire - Tennessee Williams (★★★)
A Streetcar Named Desire is the first play that I've ever read. I started with this one because it's considered as one of the greatest American plays. It had been awarded with Pulitzer Prize too which is all the more reason to read it. The format didn't intimidate me. In fact, it makes it easier for me to read it. The play itself is about Blanche and Stella, sisters who came from an old Southern family. Stella got married and moved to New Orleans with her husband, Stanley. After a series of death and her house being taken away by creditors, Blanche visited her sister and looking for her help. The conflict arose when Blanche met Stanley and found that he came from such a different world. Blanche and Stanley represent two different classes in America. The characters are unlikeable, in my opinion. I disagree with some choices made by the characters. Stanley can be too vulgar and too harsh, but Blanche is full of hypocrisy too. After reading it, I'm interested to watch the play too actually. I'm looking forward to read or watch another play by Tennessee Williams.

January Favorites


Coldplay Music of the Sphere Tour in Singapore

Watching Coldplay's concert live is one of my bucket list. I've planned and prepared for this trip since mid 2023 so I was so excited that I finally get to experience it. Another thing which excited me too is the fact that I travelled to Singapore again for this concert. Though I only stayed for a night but I managed to visit the neighboring country too. It was fun, albeit people said that the crowd is not as fun as the one in my home country. At least the concert management is much more organized.

There you have it. Short because I didn't get much reading and the highlight of January is the Coldplay concert. Since by the time I post this it would be April already and we still have two other unposted wrap-up months, bear with me for the next weeks because I'll try to catch up with my wrap-up.

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