May 2020 Wrap-Up & Favorites

May Wrap-Up & Favorites

Hello fellow reader! I can't believe that it's almost half of the year. Lately I feel like all I'm trying to do is just hang in there and escape through literature and movies/ TV series. How are you all doing? Hope you all stay safe and healthy. I think May is the month where I finally set a TBR list and follow through. I managed to read all of the books that I plan to read earlier that I was a bit surprised. I still spent most of my time by watching series though. I got hooked on an old one called Lost which I'm pretty sure most of you already familiar with. I'll explain about it later as it becomes my favorite TV series of the month. As for the books, I read 5 books in total.

Books read in May

The Inexplicable Logic of My Life The Inexplicable Logic of My Life - Benjamin Alire Saenz (★★★)
The Inexplicable Logic of My Life is a young adult book by the author of Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. Although I haven't read Aristotle, I heard that it's a good book that it convinced me to pick up this book. Unfortunately, this book doesn't leave much impression on me but it's still a nice read. Even though it has some tragic stories in it, I feel like this book is one of those comforting reads. I've written a full review of this book which will be up on this blog.
The Strange Library The Strange Library - Haruki Murakami (★★★★)
In the beginning of 2020 I made a resolution to read at least one Murakami book every month. It didn't happen. The Strange Library is the first Murakami book I read this year. This one is short with only 77 pages. It's also full with illustration to enhance the reading experience. Like his other works, this book is surreal and strange. However, this book gives off Roald Dahl and Neil Gaiman vibes. This book reminds me of Coraline a lot. Aside of being creepy, the Strange Library is quite gripping though. I managed to finish it in one sitting because I was to curious to know what happpen to the main character. This book might make you not want to go to the library again. Please don't, just be careful if the librarian is taking you to a 'reading room' through basement full of labyrinth.
Confessions Confessions - Kanae Minato (★★★★)
Confessions is a book by one of Japanese iyamisu (eww mystery) writers, Kanae Minato. This is not the first book that I read by her and I love her another book. In fact I've actually watched the movie adaptation version of this book. The movie was weird in a good way and really caught me off guard. Yet, it didn't give me enough closure so I'm still curious to read the book. The book of course gives more explanation as to what happened, though the movie doesn't divert much from the book. Confessions tells a story about a junior high teacher who lost her daughter to a drowning accident. However, she learns later that her daughter was murdered by two of her students. She then plans an elaborate scheme as a revenge which she reveals bit by bit on her last day as a teacher. Based on the premise, you could tell that this book will be an uncomfortable read but I think that's the purpose of iyamimsu genre. It's a compelling read and focuses on the psyche of murderers and the victim's family. The one that I read is the Bahasa Indonesia translation edition. I've written a full review of this book in Bahasa Indonesia if you're interested in my thoughts about this book.
Friendship: Vintage Minis Friendship: Vintage Minis - Rose Tremain (★★★)
This book is a part of Penguin Vintage Minis collection. This one revolves around friendship. It collects some chapters from Rose Tremain's books titled Restoration and The Gustav Sonata. I've never read any of Tremain's books so I did a little research on these two books. Although I believe the chapters here are specifically selected to fit the friendship theme, I still feel like I need to know the context. After reading both the extracted chapters, I'll say that I do not enjoy Tremain's writing. It's vulgar to the point it makes me feel uncomfortable reading it which is weird because I've read more explicit book than this one. Maybe because Restoration is supposed to be a period piece and the vulgarity doesn't match the time period. The whole thing distracts me from the friendship between Robert Merivel and John Pearce. However, the second story is nice. I enjoy the friendship between Anton and Gustav a lot. Their friendship starts from when they were still in kindergarten until they grow old. I think their bond is sweet. Though I like the chapters from The Gustav Sonata, I don't think I'll read the full book. Still, if you're curious to try her writing, maybe you can try picking this book up.
Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights - Salman Rushdie (★★★)
This book is the first Rushdie's book that I ever read. I had no expectation or ay clue to what this book is about before started reading it. The story itself is nothing like I've read. It's a magical realism about a war between the supernatural creatures called Jinn, which happened in the human world. Jinn comes from Arabian and Islamic mythology so I'm familiar with these creatures that become the center of this book. The plot is quite intricate and it include a cast of characters which might not seem to be connected at first. Some say this is not Rushdie's best work. I can't say anything about it since this is my first Rushdie's book. However, I'm still interested in reading his other books especially Midnight's Children and The Satanic Verses. I've written a full post about my thoughts on this book which will be up on this blog.

May Favorites



TV shows



I know this series is an old one. It originally started airing in 2004. I was only 12 at the time so I knew nothing about it. However I actually heard of this series since I was in college and it's been on my to-watch list ever since. I guess new shows keep popping up and this one didn't make it to the top of the list. Because of the physical distancing policy, I've been spending my time staying at home watching many series that I finally make the time to watch Lost. Now I know why it's such a beloved show. Honestly, the first episode is kind of 'meh' but then I got to the fourth episode and with the John Locke reveal, I was hooked. I watched 5 seasons in the span of one month because I was also in the middle of watching some Korean dramas. Still, I can't believe how invested I am in the live of the Oceanic 815 survivors. I thought I was used to many character deaths on a TV show but the deaths in Lost hit me hard. I was so invested that I cried whenever one of them died and the death count in this show is no joke. By the time I post this wrap up, I already finish watching the show and that ending! I heard that many people feel unsatisfied with the ending or think that the ending is disappointing. For me, the ending is not what I expected but still it's such a bittersweet ending full of nostalgia which is fitting and nice to remember the show with. I cried a ton while watching the finale. It's crazy how realistic they depict the characters and their dynamic in such an unrealistic setting. It's a show about redemption and I can't help but root for the characters because despite of the flaws that they have and their past, they learn and try to be the better version of themselves. It's like the plane crash gives them a second chance. I think that's why the deaths were hard on me. it feels like death rob them of their second chance. All in all I highly suggest this show if you haven't watched it already. But keep in mind that sometimes there are things that might be better unexplained so you won't be too disappointed in the ending.

There you have it, my May wrap-up. We're getting into the middle of the year. It feels like it's been years already because of the horrible situation that we're in. I'm trying to cope with it by escaping to the fictional world. Some friends I know are picking up new hobbies, some are starting new business (mostly food) because of the economy. I still can't believe that I'm experiencing this whole thing. That this is happening in my lifetime. Anyway, hope you all stay healthy mentally and physically. We'll get through this together.

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